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The website is not showing up correctly in your browser...

Coverlandia is compatible with the all modern browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or below, you might not be able to enjoy all the features of the website. We recommend you to switch to a decent browser like Chrome. Also, some features of Coverlandia require Javascript to be enabled in your browser.

Why don’t we translate the website into other languages?

We thought about translating Coverlandia in many languages but we think it would be useless cause there’s nothing really to read. And moreover we’re happy if we can make you practice your english!

What are "featured covers" ?

"Featured covers" are a selection of the best covers on Coverlandia. They are selected during the moderation process.


Why should you sign in?

Registering to Coverlandia will allow you to take part in the community. By signing up, you can submit your covers, download covers, like other designers' covers, comment. You can also be part of the moderation process, enter our contests and giveaways, make requests etc… Sounds good? Sign up now!

Why would we need my postal address?

Address fields are not required for free accounts. Though, you'll have to fill them to enter our contest or giveaways. Don't worry your address won't be displayed publicly and we won't send you anything (unless you win something of course!).

You forgot your password?

You can reset your password here.

How can you display / change your avatar?

To display your avatar, we’re using third party service Gravatar. Gravatar associates your email address(es) with an avatar. This service is used all over the web. You can register for free at http://gravatar.com.

Are we giving away my account details to third parties?

No we’re not and we won’t ever. We may have to provide some of your details if we’re doing a contest with a partner, but you’ll always be warned.

Cover submission

How many covers can you submit?

You can submit as many covers as you want, though you can only have up to 5 pending covers.

What are the requirements for a cover submission?

Your cover has to meet the some standards. Your cover has to be square and at least 600x600px. Your cover file size can be up to 5Mb and saved as .jpg or .png. You can only send covers you personally made. You are responsible of the content you upload. Don't use somebody's work without their approval.

Why does your cover needs to be 600x600px at least?

This size is iTunes’ cover standard size when you purchase a song from the store, that’s why we set it as Coverlandia minimum size. Moreover, devices' resolution is getting bigger and bigger. We way even ask for a bigger size in the future. Why would anybody want a pixelated cover on his iPhone anyway?


Why do covers need to go through moderation?

Coverlandia has an aim to provide amazing covers for everybody's iTunes library. With that being said, covers have to go through moderation, so that you guys are provided the best, and only the best.

Is it possible to avoid moderation?

No. Not at the moment.

How does this moderation process work?

Once submitted, your cover is sent to the moderation. Coverlandia users can moderate the pending covers. They can vote positively or negatively to a cover. After a certain number of votes, the cover status is set. If most of the votes are positive, the cover is accepted and will be displayed on Coverlandia. If most votes are negative, the cover is denied.

How much votes a cover needs to be accepted or denied?

This number differs depending on how many people moderate our pending covers everyday.

How long will it take for your cover to be accepted / denied?

It depends on how many users are moderating. The more users go moderate the covers, the faster you’ll know if your cover is accepted or denied. It usually takes few hours.

How can you see the status of a cover you submitted?

Once you’ve submitted a cover, the cover appears in your dashboard under ‘Pending covers’. If the cover is accepted, the cover will be moved to 'Covers’. If the cover is denied, the cover will simply disappear from your dashboard. For both case, you will receive a notification. Note that only you can see your pending covers.

Why didn’t my cover make it?

People vote positively or negatively for a cover following their own opinion. If a cover gets denied, that means they didn’t like it, they didn’t judge it good enough to be featured on Coverlandia. Even if your cover is good, they can vote it negatively because of a big tag, typos, fake editions, bad quality photo used, choppy cutting etc...

Your cover’s title changed from what you typed when submitting it?!

Indeed, your cover’s title can be changed by the Coverlandia team if we notice your cover show a different title from what you typed in. The title you enter when you submit the cover must be the exact title that appears on your cover. The team can also add a featured artist that you forgot.

You made an official cover and want to upload it?

We’re not able yet to handle official covers made by our members. Only the Coverlandia team is able to upload official covers. We're working on this featured, it should come in the upcoming weeks. For now, you can upload them as usual but indicating it's an official cover.

What are the requirements for a cover submission?

Your cover has to meet the some standards. Your cover has to be square and at least 600x600px. Your cover file size can be up to 5Mb and saved as .jpg or .png. You can only send covers you personally made. You are responsible of the content you upload. Don't use somebody's work without their approval.

You would like to help us having more official covers on Coverlandia?

We try to upload the most official covers we can, though there are so many artists, it's impossible we don't miss some. If you want to upload an official cover you didn't make, please use this form.


How to make a cover?

We receive lots of emails asking how to make covers. We can’t really answer this question. Most of our users use Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (free / open source) to create their covers. If you have a Mac, you can also use Pixelmator or Acorn. Just get away from Paint or editing websites. Don’t expect to make amazing covers at the first shot, if you do, you must have a gift then! To learn design technics, look for tutorials on Google.

You made a mistake in my cover title?

You cannot change the title of your cover yourself. If you made a mistake, please contact us with the link of your cover (even if the cover is not accepted yet).

You misspelled something on your cover, what can you do?

If you notice yourself you misspelled something, contact us with the link of your cover and include the fixed cover. We’ll replace your misspelled cover by the fixed one so you don’t lose any of your comments and likes. But be careful next time!

Somebody stole one of my cover, what can I do?

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes.. If you notice somebody stole your cover, contact us and include the link of the stolen cover and, in order to prove you’re the real designer, the .psd file of your cover (You can upload it on host sites such as Dropbox). If you don’t have the .psd file, send us everything you can to prove you are the original designer. Once we judged that you’re indeed the real designer, we will remove the stolen cover. Our team will keep an eye on the 'thief' and will remove their account if it happens again.


Where can you see current contests?

You can see all our current contests here. We're also having contests on social networks so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +.

The contest is not open to my country, whyyyyyyyyy?

Some contests may be organised with partners who are targeting only a or some countries. Unfortunately we can't do anything about it. But don't worry, be sure we'll have more contests available in your country soon!

What are the requirements for a contest cover submission?

The requirements for a contest are almost the same as a regular cover submission. Though, a contest can have other requirements, but we’ll let you know about these details on the contest page.

Can you post the cover you entered for the contest somewhere else?

Of course.

You won a contest, when will you receive your prize?

If we are doing the contest on our own, we send the prizes as soon as possible. You should receive it within 2 weeks depending on where you live. Though, we're not responsible for the loss of your package.

You're a brand or artist and would like to organise a contest with us?

Such a great idea! Please contact us!


We didn’t answer your email?

First of all, sorry about that! Though, since we receive lots of emails everyday, notice that we won’t answer to some kind of message. We won’t reply to any email requesting a cover. We won’t either answer to emails about stolen covers that don’t include all the details needed.

You're a singer and you’d like your covers to appear on Coverlandia?

You can either contact us so we upload your covers on the site. Either ask the original designer of the covers to upload them themselves.

Can you post the cover you entered for the contest somewhere else?

Of course.

More about Coverlandia

Who is behind Coverlandia?

Coverlandia team is composed of Sebastien Retail and Chris Ledet. See more about the team on About Us page