Here you should find all the answers to your questions about Coverlandia. If not, feel free to hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or via the contact page.


Can I browse music artworks by artist?

Sure, you can use the artist index for that! You can also click on the name of the artist on an artwork page to browse all their artworks.

How can I search for a particular artwork?

Click the magnifying glass in the menu then type what you are looking for. You can search for artists, titles and even designers.

How to download an artwork in HQ?

To download artworks, you first need to sign in or sign up, then, on an artwork page, simply click the Download button.


Where can I sign up?


I forgot my password, is it bad?

Eh it's alright, just reset your password and you should be able to log back in soon!


What kind of artworks can I upload on here?

On Coverlandia, you can upload music artworks.

What are the requirements for music artworks?

Music artworks need to be square, from 600x600px (to 10,000px).

Do artworks have to go through moderation once uploaded?

No! The artworks don't go through moderation. They will be up on the site as soon as you upload them. Don't forget to respect the guidelines though.

I uploaded an artwork, why doesn't it show up in Latest artworks?

To appear in "Latest" artworks, your artwork has to be featured. Featured covers are hand picked by our team. All your artworks will appear in artist page, search results and on your profile page, featured or not.

What does popular mean?

Popular artworks are recently posted most liked artworks..


How to comment on an artwork?

To comment on a artwork, you need to sign in or sign up first. Don't forget to give only constructive criticism or your account may be suspended or revoked.