Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga - ARTPOP made by Flamboyant

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

made by Flamboyant

2012-12-02 03:56:00 UTC



2012-12-03 00:22:37 UTC

I disagree with GLITTERXGORE; the fact that the image of this cover is a drawing instead of a real photograph only makes it even more original and creative. I wish that it weren't tagged, but it is absolutely awesome.


2012-12-05 12:20:24 UTC

I agree with theLOSTpassenger! It gives it more of a "art"pop feeling with it drawn not real :)


2013-01-12 03:36:15 UTC

Im a Gaga hater, but this is actually cool, I love it. Really amazing! Wow! But I still hate Gaga.


2013-01-18 15:47:59 UTC

@phoenix - I found the image on google. I have contacted this person and asked if it's ok to keep it up, if not I will delete it!