Rihanna - Rihanna - Loud made by Creat1ve

Rihanna - Loud

made by Creat1ve

2012-01-01 15:38:42 UTC

This is spin-off cover from a poster I was making for my friend who is a big Rihanna fan! I wasn't really going to post this, but I thought some people would like it, so I decided to make this my first unreleased cover if you will. xD The main reason why I didn't want to post it is because of how I feel I'm overusing the whole grunge background theme. My only dilemma is that it looks so nice like this, and it didn't really fit with a normal beach image. In the future though I'm trying to push to have some more natural background, but it seems like every creation I make a grunge texture makes its way in there somehow. LOL. I hope you all like this though!